MrOlaf ?:

Many people have asked me where the name MrOlaf has come from.  First off the name Olaf came from my brother back when he was in high school.  Olaf was a nickname given by one of my brother's friends to a certain anti-social kid that used to wear all black and read the necronomicon etc.  They person that first called him Olaf did it actually by mistake.  He meant to say ("Hola" [Spanish for hello] this being ironic humor since kid was anti-social).  Anyways Hola came out as "Holaf" (a homonym for Olaf) due to his poor Spanish.  Okay now how did I get from "Olaf" to "MrOlaf".  Well back when I had AOL my screen name was Olaf4963, a little while later I decided having a number in my screen name made it "less cool".  So I had to come up with a new screen name that had Olaf in it but did not have a number.  I ended up choosing between MrOlaf and DrOlaf.  MrOlaf eventually won out and this also explains why the name is 'MrOlaf' and not 'Mr. Olaf.'  Since you can't include periods in screen names.